Sustaining Membership


The old adage "Every Dollar Counts" isn't just talk, it truly represents the very important financial support needed to forward our work to protect and conserve Georgia's natural resources. We cherish your support and we want to you provide for you a way that is both easy to give and can fit into any monthly budget. For the price of one cup of coffee per month, you can support our work through a sustaining membership.

Here's what some of our sustaining members have to say:

"Giving has always been been a core value within my family.  Whether it be sweat, knowledge or money, the gesture may be received in the moment, but the impact is felt over time. Living in a world with so many distractions, Georgia Conservancy's sustaining monthly membership  donation program allows me an easy way to give on a monthly basis an amount that I am comfortable with. And when I have more, I give more. One drop at a time will eventually fill the bucket." - Andre Turner

"I’ve set up a sustaining monthly donation to the Georgia Conservancy because it’s the easiest and most efficient way to give consistently to an organization I care deeply about. It helps me with budgeting and I feel good knowing that I’m making a contribution month after month, year after year." - Winnie Hulme



Make a monthly Pledge as a Sustaining Member

“Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow,” says the old proverb. Such successes cannot happen without support -- sun, rain, and fertile earth. Like an acorn hoping to grow, the Georgia Conservancy cannot be successful without your support. By becoming a sustaining general member of the Georgia Conservancy today, you are playing a key role in the future of Georgia tomorrow - ensuring that the seeds of change planted by the Conservancy grow tall and mighty.


LIVE OAK ($5 Per Month)

The most recognizable and enduring symbol of our coast, the Live Oak is also an icon of the future. Benefits include:

  • Member-only communications

  • Early Registration for GC Stewardship Trips

  • Panorama Magazine Subscription

  • $5 off of GC Stewardship Trips and GC Events

  • Access to REI Gear Bank on GC Stewardship Trips

MAGNOLIA ($10 Per Month)

A symbol of southern living, the Magnolia is considered by many to be the aristocrat among all southern trees. Benefits include:

  • All Live Oak benefits, plus...

  • A copy of our Annual Impact Report

  • $10 off of GC Stewardship Trips and GC Events

  • Free GC Stewardship Day Trips




Make a Monthly Pledge as a Sustaining Cambium Member

Created in 1974 to distinguish those who are the staunchest supporters of Georgia's land and water. This sustaining membership level, starting at $25 per month, is a nod to the Cambium layer of a tree - the layer which provides essential nutrients, allowing the tree to survive year after year. Sustaining Cambium members provide that vitality to the Georgia Conservancy's work.


All General member benefits, plus...

$15 off of GC Stewardship Trips and GC Events
Listing in our Annual Impact Report
Invitations to exclusive Cambium Trips & Stewardship Trips




For other types of donations - including foundation and corporate support -
visit our
Get Involved page.

Please contact Georgia Conservancy Membership & Donor Relations Coordinator Chad Smalls at with any questions regarding membership.