Housing Flexibility and Attainability Initiative

A Sustainable Growth-led initiative focused on viewing housing in Georgia from a land stewardship perspective


The type and location of housing stock have land use, economic, equity, and social justice ramifications for all Georgians and impacts the quality of our natural resources statewide.

The topic of housing has particular resonance because the availability of housing options is critical to our state’s economic resilience, and many city and county leaders have indicated to us that housing is a top concern, whether they are growing or contracting.

The Georgia Conservancy’s Sustainable Growth Program is helping to provide much-needed flexibility and options in housing affordability and diversity throughout Georgia: in the city of Atlanta, in the metro region, and in smaller towns across the state. Therefore, we advocate for a geographically-based approach to solutions which begin with the adaptation, re-use and expansion of housing stock in proximity to the necessities of life.

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Recent Examples of Housing-Focused Blueprints Studios


The Housing Flexibility and Attainability Initiative is a part of the Georgia Conservancy's Sustainable Growth Program.

For more information on our Housing Flexibility and Attainablity Initiative, please contact Georgia Conservancy Vice President of Programs and Sustainable Growth Director Katherine Moore at kmoore@gaconservancy.org or Georgia Conservancy Senior Planner Nick Johnson at njohnson@gaconservancy.org