Willow Pond Trail

Distance - 2.1 mi.

Willow Pond is one of the most comprehensive trails on Cumberland. Winding through a variety of different habitats, this trail is a wonderful two-mile route beginning on the Main Road and ending at one of the most beautiful stretches of beach on the island. The entrance is just north of the wilderness border, 4.9 miles north of Sea Camp and 1.6 miles south of Plum Orchard. If you are biking up to Plum Orchard, consider allocating enough time to complete this trail. Walking in, you quickly come across an extensive boardwalk. This boardwalk is 1,000 feet long and runs through Swamp Fields. This is one of the prime spots to view alligators and other swamp wildlife. One half mile in, Yankee Paradise Trail branches off, heading north. Two-tenths of a mile later you will encounter Parallel Trail splitting off to the south near Hickory Hill Campsite. For campers staying at Yankee Paradise or Hickory Hill backcountry campsites, this is part of an exciting network of trails nearby. From here, the trail winds through a variety of different habitats including an open pine forest and grassy marsh. As the trail progressively gets grassier before it transitions into the dune habitat, do take advantage of multiple bird-watching spots. When you approach the dunes, it’s a straight shot to the beach.


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